Department of Education

 and Children's Services


Eyre District Office


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                           Leadership Team




      Heather Curtis          Andrew Williams       
      Principal            Deputy Principal     

      Bree Keatley                Trystale Dennis
 Student Wellbeing Leader       Student Wellbeing Leader





Junior Primary Teachers

Kate Hynes

Anne Penna
Lauren McConnal



 Year 1/2




Middle Primary Teachers


April Duggin

Sarah Jackson

Sue Staunton

Brett Osborne


Year 2/3

Year 2/3
Year 3/4

Year 3/4



Upper Primary Teachers

Donna Bagshaw
Alannah Lavery

Eleni Giamoukoglou
Hayley Craig/Renae Lowe
Kate Lindblom


Year 4/5

Year 4/5

Year 4/5
Year 6/7
Year 6/7





Support Teachers


Trina Wilson - Cultural Arts
Rachel Jolly - PE/Health
Allan Jones - The Arts


 Darian Treasure - Permanent Relief Teacher

Tom Eason - PIT


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School Service Officers


Nikki Dyer - Admin/Finance
Carol Sincock - Admin/IT
Tania Kolega -Resource Centre
Di Cimarosti - Student Support/Canteen Admin. 
Karen Hirschausen - Canteen 

Alan Berrett - Groundsperson

Karla Symes-DeBoise - Playgroup/Groundsperson

Kerri Gregory - Student Support

Mechelle Dutschke - Student Support
Heather Trumfield - Student Support
Margo McCann - Student Support
Pauline White - Student Support

Lyn Ettridge - Student Support/Playgroup

Tammy Cappelluti - Student Support
Melissa McNab - Student Support
Maya Bache - Student Support (Temporary)

Dean MIller - ACEO
Sheryl Winters - Playgroup





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