School Events

Culture Week

In term 3 of each year, Culture Week is celebrated. 

The Culture Week theme is Understanding Diversity.

The goal of culture week is to expose children to many different cultures in order for them to understand, accept and value the differences that exist between people across the globe.  The week’s activities commence on Monday with an opening ceremony where a dance performance from a visiting cultural group inspires students to engage in workshops throughout the remainder of the day.  On Tuesday, students are treated to cooking workshops, preparing and tasting food from different countries.  Wednesday brings an Arts focus and students create works of art from one of the focus countries. A whole school assembly is held on Thursday and students present and perform to communicate their learning about their selected country.  Friday is Aboriginal Cook Out which is held in the scrub.  The whole school community enjoys learning about Aboriginal food preparation and cultural traditions as well as tasting yummy kangaroo and damper.

Harmony Day

During term one, Harmony Day is celebrated. 
The theme is Everyone Belongs.

Students and staff engage in learning about respecting others and treating others as they wish to be treated.  A shared lunch is enjoyed by all and the school community wear orange clothing and consume oranges whist engaging in fun lunchtime activities together.

Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week is held between May 27th and June 3rd each year. 

The theme changes every year and carries a message of an optimistic future. 

Sorry Day is held on May 26th when people affected by the Stolen Generation are remembered and honoured. 

May 27th is Referendum Day, when in 1967, over 90% of Australian people voted for Aboriginal Australians to be recognized by Australian Law and acknowledged as Australia’s first citizens. 

June 3rd is Mabo Day, signifying when, in 1992, Eddie Mabo won the High Court case which recognized native title in Australia giving Aboriginal people land rights. 

Reconciliation Week is celebrated by learning about Aboriginal Australian history, creating works of art alongside Aboriginal artists, practising Random Acts of Kindness for others, walking together in the annual Walkathon, and committing to building a better future for all Australians.


A walkathon is held every year in term 2 to raise funds for the school.  Students and staff are joined by parents and other members of the community to walk around the 3.1 kilometre track.  Students must do 2 or more laps and seek sponsorship for their efforts.  Funds contribute to student services such as the canteen or playground.


Assemblies are an opportunity for sharing information, celebrating achievements and presenting or performing to an audience.

Performance assemblies are generally held near the midpoint and/or towards the end of term, (eg week 5 & 10) and parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Assembly times, dates and venues are advertised via the school newsletter.
Short assemblies are held at the commencement of the year, at the end of each term and on special occasions as required.


Footsteps Dance Company visit twice per year for a week each time to lead dance workshops across the school.  Students engage in a variety of dance styles incorporating partner and individual dance.  A disco is held after school hours during one of the dance programs.

Kirton Point’s Got Talent

During term 3 of each year, students who wish to share their talents and performance skills enter the Kirton Point’s Got Talent quest. Individuals or groups perform at lunchtime on one day per week. Student Reps coordinate the process by taking nominations, organizing a timetable for entrants to perform, communicating and promoting the quest to the school community, judging the talent performances, giving feedback and selecting, organizing the final talent performance and acknowledging the winning performers.   Parents and community members are welcome to attend the performances.

Student Fundraising Events

Students are involved in numerous fundraising events throughout the year.  Student reps coordinate events to raise funds for African foster child, Nthenya, canteen equipment or the playground.  Students enthusiastically participate in events such as:

       Crazy Hair Day  –  Wear a Tie Day  –  Casual Clothes Day  –   Wheels Day

Students are also involved in class fundraisers to raise money for camps and excursions.  These events have included market days, food stalls, community sausage sizzles, bottle collections, face painting.

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